Monday, September 17, 2018

Guide to make 10$ with short LINKS EVERY DAY

Hello guys I tried this method for a like 2 weeks then stopped cause I wasn't sure if I would get paid
I got paid from them today It's not hitleap , its not a ppc website .. 
It's really simple to do however it will require some effort to earn a good amount.
We will be generating traffic to out links through a traffic
exchange site Called likenation
Join it !
Once you do that , all that is left is to shorten a link on your account , Copy that link and go to , Log in and click ADD Page
in the Type Tab choose Traffic exchange and paste your link there
with a random title …
Points per click = 3
click add page …
Now it wont work if you dont have any points in your likenation acc, For every person that opens your Shorte.stlink through likenation will take 3 points from you and add it in his own likenation acc …
So start earning likenation points by liking Facebook pages, watching youtube views etc